About us

Fruzyme Biotech India Private Limited is a company promoted jointly by the entrepreneurs and technocrat. The entrepreneurs G.P.Karthikeyan and P.Sureshkumar and technocrat Dr.K.K. Bhattacharya joined hands to manufacture enzymes(plant extracts) like Papain, Bromelain, Pectin, Lysozyme etc from Pappaya, Pineapple stems, eggs and other vegetable peels.



Dr.K.K.Bhattacharya, affectionately called KKB, is a Ph.D holder in Biotechnology and he done his doctorate in Enzyme Engineering. He is pioneered in Pappaya related researches and established proven methods for extracting papain enzyme under various process types. He is well known personality among Biotech Scientists in India as well as Biotechnology Entrepreneurs. He was selected as “YOUNGEST SCIENTIST” by National Biotechnology Board in 1984 and honored with various other coveted awards in the field of Biotechnology.
Mr.G.P.Karthikeyan, Commerce graduate and having experience in Hosiery Exports for more than 20 years, is an instrumental to this new venture. He is constantly appraising various projects other than hosiery exports and initiated Biotech project after joining hands with Dr.KKB and Sureshkumar keeping in mind of serving farming community by value addition of various agricultural projects.
Mr.P.Sureshkumar,a graduate in commerce and well trained in the field of poultry farming and papaya cultivation very successfully operating/marketing for the last 20 years by keeping intact with 400 farmers in South India .


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