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Ultra Refined Papain Powder

URPP is a highly concentrate food grade protelytic enzyme preparation from latex of Carica Papaya fruit.It is characterized by its ability to hydrolysis large proteins into pep-tides and amino acids.
URPP Papain is a cysteine hydrolase that is stable and animated under an extensive variety of conditions. The latex of Carica papaya is a rich wellspring of four cysteine endopeptidases counting papain, chymopapain, glycyl endopeptidase, and caricain. We have singular papain testing research center with all most recent innovation to examine action with standard test convention in spectrophotometer. Our items are Kosher, Halal and Fdca endorsed. We fabricate papain for blending, pharma, creature sustain, meat tenderization, laundry cleansers, protein hydrolysate assembling and so forth.
It has been used widely in Meat tenderization,processing of fish waste,chilling proof of Beer,Pharmaceuticals,food additive,health foods,cosmetic materials etc.

URRP’s enzyme activity ranges from 1000 TU/mg to 1250 TU/mg.