(i) The bulk procurement of raw materials such as pooled latex ,intermediate products are being tested based on COA from the production on the batch to batch basis.

(ii) The results of analysis are being approved by the Head of Quaility control and recorded systematically.

(iii) The laboratory is fully equipped to test the Biochemistry and Microbiological parameters of the products and do have well trained technical staffs and record the same.
(i) The Plant has been designed in such a way as to avoid cross-contamination between raw material input to finished products.

(ii) Raw materials, intermediate products are controlled at all critical stages.

(iii) Water and Air Quality are monitored on a daily basis.

(iv) Employees are fully trained on Food Safety, Process control, GMP and HACCP principles.

(v) The Laboratories are fully equipped to test all relevant Biochemical and Microbiological parameters by our highly trained technical staff.

(vi) All results of analysis require approval by the Quaility Control Manager.

(vii) High quality 316 stainless steel is is used throughout the plant.

(viii) The Highest Priority is given to product and personnel safety throughout the process.