Animal Feed & Pet Food Industry

Carbohydrates, proteins and fats are the primary macronutrient molecules for any animal. Proteases break down large proteins molecules into smaller peptides and amino acids. The smaller peptides and amino acids ensure higher bioavailability of essential nutrients. Fruzyme protease is a multi-natural protease for the poultry, cattle and aqua feed industries. Studies have shown Fruzyme protease to maximises growth and productivity of the animal while minimising feed requirements and enhancing immunity parameters. Fruzyme protease is your solution to improve animal health and activity, increase weight gain, improve protein digestabilibty, reduce feed cost and improve feed utilisation.

Vitanase DK 222™: Protease for poultry, cattle, swine and horse.

Vitanase DK666: Protease for canine and feline

Vitanase+™(Powder): Enhanced protease formulation for poultry, cattle, swine and horse.