Gluten are storage proteins of cereal seeds. The protein is composed of glutenin and gladinin proteins, that trap gas bubbles in their network during fermentation. When high protein content flour is used dough handling and relaxation becomes tedious.

Doughzyme™ is a protease that specifically attacks galdinins molecules of the gluten network to relax the dough. Doughzyme™ ensures a controllable degree of relaxation without the risk of destroying the protein network and losing its ability to trap gas bubbles.

Fruzyme Biotech’s Doughzyme™ is a 100% natural sustainable alternative to chemical relaxing agents like sodium metabisulfite (SMBS). Doughzyme™ prevents bucky dough by enhancing softness, dough mechanic-ability, easy dough handling thereby reducing mixing time, improving gas retention, pan flow, crumb texture, water absorption, color and flavour.