Our Purpose & Values

Fruzyme Biotech has a wide portfolio with a broad field of application in various industries. We ensure all our customers the best quality in product and services. We work together as a team to fulfil our responsibility towards our stakeholders, customers, employees and suppliers. As a company we strongly believe in our values to provide clarity and guidance in all our activities.

We value and prioritise our ethics. From farms to our boardrooms, we are committed to upholding integrity in all our actions.
We ensure we serve our customers the very best in the market in terms of safety, quality and performance. We value the trust of all our stakeholders and we make sure to deliver on all our commitments with rigour and sincerity.
At Fruzyme Biotech, We encourage honest and open conversations. We ensure transparency in our actions, decisions and communications.
We understand that growth and success can be best achieved through collaboration and team work. We work together with leading scientists from different fields, customers, suppliers and employees to find the cohesive solutions to industry problems.

Our Value Chains

Our supply chains

  • Increasing transparency and traceability
  • Promoting sustainable transportation practices
  • Respecting human rights and labour rights
  • Increasing work standards of suppliers

Our Operations

  • Focus on climate change
  • Becoming more energy efficient
  • Minimising waste
  • Responsible use of finite resources

Our People

  • Prioritising safety
  • Supporting health and wellbeing
  • Encouraging inclusivity and equality
  • Promoting diversity
  • Motivating team work

Our Products & Consumers

  • Providing healthier, safer and more sustainable products
  • Uncompromising on quality
  • Expanding customer awareness
  • Encouraging the development of local communities
  • Promoting environmental responsibility